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It’s no secret that the more seats a restaurant has, the more revenue it can potentially generate each year. Everyone has been stuck waiting hours for a table at one point or another. As the frustration grows, the number of customers leaving or standing in the waiting area without spending a dollar grows as well. Expanding a restaurant to include more chairs can be costly, but what if you could add chairs without completely extending or renovating your restaurant? Restaurant patios are growing increasingly popular in both the USA and Canada with recent indoor smoking bans and the enjoyment of eating in a beautiful outdoor atmosphere. Restaurant patios tend to attract customers that want to enjoy this outdoor experience in comfort. But what happens when the colder months arrive? Nobody wants to eat in the cold, which means it’s time to close down the patio until next year and sacrifice additional revenues right? Wrong.



Here in Florida we have the benefit of having some of the best weather in the country. However, there are still quite a few months with chilly days and nights. Central Florida has 6 months a year of average lows below 60 degrees. Many Floridians are affected with sensitivity to cold during those months as our bodies are not used to dealing with those temperatures. With just a flip of a switch, our Infratech Comfort series heaters allows for instant, worry free, clean and green heat all year long. You will never have to worry about changing propane or storing a big bulky stand up heater during the good months. This product instantly allows you to keep your outdoor sections full and comfortable. Keeping your patio open all year, not only generates a quick payback period but allows for much greater additional revenue generated each year, restaurant owners should really be asking themselves, can I afford not to have patio heaters installed on my patio?